PuppeTNetiK – A time trial climbing/platforming game now on Kickstarter

PuppeTNetiK is described as a cross between Human: Fall Flat and Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, and you can play a demo right now.

PuppeTNetiK comes from a single Spanish developer who aims to revolutionize the platform genre by way of a new character control system. In the game’s control system, you can control the torso or limbs to be able to climb or advance on any surface.

PuppeTNetiK is a frenetic climbing platformer with rankings. The player’s own experience is the primary factor involved when it comes to improving and competing to get to the top of the rankings. Replayability is practically a necessary.

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The main character, also named PuppeTNetiK, is a ragdoll just like in Human: Fall Flat or Fall Guys. However, the game’s view is side-scrolling, which makes for easy speed and climbing. The main mechanics of the game, as in other titles like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, will be to be learn to master the controls so as to not fall into multiple traps or holes.

You can try the game right now through its demo, which is available on Steam.

PuppeTNetiK screenshot

The game’s Kickstarter campaign was launched on May 18 and has a variety of objectives, including letting you insert your advertising or message for all eternity.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to get 4,000 euros of financing to finish the game and publish it. The title is fully playable at this point, as can be seen in the demo available. If the campaign is successful, several additional steps or tiers will be available, which will allow the content of the game to increase. These will be offered in the form of free updates to all backers and will add content or functionalities such as new maps, game modes, integration with Twitch, translations or other features, such as local co-op play, ports for other platforms, or online mode.

The game is being developed by Contraddiction Games, a solo Spanish developer that has begun its journey as an independent studio with the hopes that PuppeTNetiK will be the first of many titles to come. Check out the game’s official website here.

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