Quintus and the Absent Truth – Chapter Three Trailer

In the third chapter of Quintus and the Absent Truth, you’ll finally be able to play as the mouse Quintus. Check out the new trailer here.

Wreck Tangle Games has announced the release date of Chapter Three of their stylized Horror-Adventure game, Quintus and the Absent Truth. The release date comes with a trailer for Chapter Three, which you can check out below. Chapters One and Two of the game were released in October 2020, and they have earned a review rating of “Mostly Positive” on Steam.

Needless to say, there’s more than a few players interested in how this story unfolds.


Quintus and the Absent Truth follows protagonist Alan Shaw and his pet mouse, Quintus, as they search for Alan’s daughter Lydia, who has mysteriously gone missing. In the first two chapters of the game, players took control of Alan while using Quintus as a tool to solve puzzles. This changes in Chapter Three, as players will, for the first time, take control of Quintus himself.

Chapter Three promises to be much larger than the previous two chapters, both in length as well as in scale, as players will be able to experience the games environments from a small mouse’s perspective.

Quintus and the Absent Truth – Chapter Three will be released on January 29th 2021 on Steam.

The project is being developed by UK-based one man studio Wreck Tangle Games, which consists of developer Orion Moon. The game is slated to have five chapters in all. You’ll find the developer’s website here.

You’ll find Chapter Three of Quintus and the Absent Truth here on Steam. If you’re looking for the first chapter, where it all starts, then check out its Steam page here.

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