Stela Walkthrough – Part 2 (Battlefield, Underground)

Stuck in Stela? Check out our Stela walkthrough to find out how to get past the battlefield and underground sections of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Stela!

For more information on Stela, check out the game’s official website here. Also check out our review of the game here.

The Battlefield

When you reach the burning battlefield, keep going right until you see the flaming arrows being launched into the sky. At this point, you need to take cover behind the bare tree trunk, or  you’ll be hit by the arrows.

Start running immediately as soon as the arrows land, and take cover from the arrows behind the log. Crawl right, wait for another flurry of arrows to hit the ground, and then run right again to a trunk. As before, start running when the arrows hit.

Go right and you’ll find a round shield fallen in the battlefield. It’s a bit hard to spot, but you’ll find it after a fallen, burning tree. Use the shield to take cover from the arrows. Drag the shield with you towards the right and wait for the arrows to go up into the sky, then take cover. Rinse and repeat this process until the shield breaks, and then take cover behind another trunk, and then under a log.

Stela walkthrough

Wait under the log for the arrows to hit, then jump onto the log, go right, hop off the log, and take cover under the part of the rock that’s jutting into the sky. Once the arrows are down, go right, and start rolling the crank that operates the gate to the right. When the arrows go up, take a break behind the log again if necessary. Once the gate is high enough for Stela to go through, proceed right.

Wait under the shelter of the roof for the arrows to hit, and go right until you drop down.


Wake up in the underground chamber and start by dragging the stone block that you woke up on, to the left of the room. Position it so that you can jump onto the ledge with the ladder.

This will cause the beetles to break out on the floor of the room. Pay them no mind for now, and climb up the ladder. Once you’re up, go to the right and pull on the red wooden bar until the chandelier comes crashing down.

Go back down the ladder you came from, and drop down on the floor, and then go through the newly-formed hole.

After you’re done sliding and are on the next ledge, run to the right and climb up the rocks to find a tan-coloured block of stone. Drag it to the left until it falls off to the bottom of the ledge. Then, drag the stone again to the far left so you can climb onto it and then onto the rocks to the left.

Proceed to the left, climb onto the slab of stone, climb up, and proceed through the tunnel to land up in a room with two red buttons. Do not step on the buttons just yet.

This is a trap room that almost likely kill you on your first go. Once you drop down to the floor, don’t step on the buttons. Instead, start dragging the stone with the red cloth draped on it. You’ll pass it over the first button, which causes the trap to activate. Keep dragging it to the left and leave it over the second button, which will cause the gate to stay down. Then, crawl out of the trap room.

You’ll have to do the above procedure in a single go without pause, or you risk getting crushed by the big block of stone from above. Avoid becoming a Stela sandwich.

In the next room, you have a rolling set of blades cutting through the middle of the room. These are easy to avoid, so just wait for them to be out of Stela’s path and then make a run for it.

The next section involves a rolling log, and this is one of the trickiest sections in the game. It’s really fairly simple, but it involves some trial-and-error if you’re playing for the first time.

As soon as you jump off the ledge, keep running to the left and climb onto the stone block that you’ll find to the far left. Once the spiked log reaches you, jump over the log. This is the tricky bit, because you can’t wait for the log to crash, and you also can’t touch the log while you’re jumping.

Stela walkthrough

After jumping over the log, don’t stop! Keep running to the right without pause. The log will pursue you, but eventually crash into two pillars. Don’t stop now, either – climb onto the fallen stone slab, or you’ll get consumed by the beetles.

Once you’re safe on the stone slab, jump onto the slanting stone slab above it, and then continue that way, jumping across gaps as necessary. On the final pillar, you’ll have to jump in time to land on the left face of the falling pillar, to avoid falling yourself or getting crushed.

Once you’re in the next room, you’ll find a couple of stoves and a red button. There’s another red button on the other side of the stoves. Pressing either of the buttons activates the stoves temporarily.

Run to the right of the room, keeping an eye on the far right, and you’ll notice a gang of beetles making their way for you. Run to the left again, and wait for the beetles to step onto the grill in front of the stoves. When they’re in position, step onto the button to the far left and roast the beetles.

Once the stove dies down, proceed right and pull on the crank to get the stone door open. As you’re opening it, the urns above fall down and unveil a bunch of killer beetles. As soon as the urns crash, start running through the partially open door.

Keep running right, past the gaps and obstacles. At one point, you’ll encounter a small slide. At the end of the slide is a hidden button that will cause spinning blades to come after you. When you step on this button, simply run to the left and you’ll be safe. Then resume running right.

Next up, we have another trap room. Run right without pause and just after the floor gives way, jump to grab a hold of the ledge. Climb up, and then climb onto the first sliding ledge, then the second, and the third. The fourth sliding ledge is very tall, but you can hold onto the crack in the middle of the face of the ledge.

Stela walkthrough

This fourth ledge will slide to the far left. Jump off to the left from the furthest possible distance you can, because you need to climb onto the rocks, and then the ledge again. Once the ledge touches the rock, you have a very short window of time to climb onto the ledge.

If you managed to get onto the top of the sliding ledge without getting crushed, then pat yourself on the back and proceed to the right.

You’ll end up falling down in the next room to an even more underground place.

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