Tourney – the medieval tournament simulator is now on Kickstarter

Tourney is a tournament simulator that puts a medieval spin on classic tycoon style games. It has now launched on Kickstarter to crowdfund the rest of development.

Tourney will allow you to build various structures to keep your medieval visitors happy. Hog roasts, pie sellers, or just wine and ale vendors to get them drunk! You’ll be able to build structures for knights as well, such as event areas for 3 disciplines: Melee, Archery and Jousting

Participate with your knights

In Tourney, you are not only taking on the role of the manager: building things and hiring staff, but you are also the head of a noble house. You can invite knights from your house to participate in the tournament with the other guest knights that visit! You will be able to passively try and help their fortunes too. For example, you can meddle with the running orders of events, you can buy them equipment or potions, or you can just train them to be better!

There will be a story campaign and several sandbox scenarios in the finished game.

Tourney screenshot

Historical Basis

As part of the development, much time has been spent on researching medieval history and getting input from people who are knowledgeable in that field. The aim is to create an enjoyable and engaging experience, whilst at the same time being historically accurate and informative; or at least making it feel more realistic and immersive. 

This being said, the game will feature 13 houses. A few of the houses are from history, but many are based in folklore or legend, such as King Arthur’s house Pendragon, or house Locksley, where Robin Hood is from.

About the developer

Tusky Games has been developing games since the late 2000s. Their previous release: Escape from BioStation, a comedy action platformer, was successfully kickstarted in 2015. 

The developer is looking for support on Kickstarter in order to fund the remainder of production for Tourney, in order to secure a release in 2021. 

You can support the game on Kickstarter here!

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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