Xenoraid: a riveting retro space shooter with 4 player co-op

Xenoraid should be a great game to enjoy with your friends. It is a vertical shoot’em up inspired by classic space shooters. However, it also offers distinct features to separate itself from its peers and keep the experience fresh. Despite all its mechanics, your mission is simple – blow up aliens and skilfully avoid bursts of enemy fire.

The year is 2032 and you are defending Earth whilst participating in the first ever space war. This means that your weaponry is not super-futuristic, but constitutes improvised machine-guns, missiles and experimental guns. This is meant to provide a grounded and satisfying physicality to the gunplay.

Xenoraid Trailer

One of the game’s key selling points is that each each mission randomly generates enemies. This means that each time you undertake a level its layout is different and doesn’t require memorization to complete. Furthermore, the game also offers on the fly switching between four fighters with different skills and advanced (non-spray and pray) shooting mechanics to learn and master. The Xenoraid fighters are able to turn lightly which means that the game rewards precision shooting when confronted with difficult scenarios.

In my opinion games such as Xenoraid are meant to be played on your friend’s couch. All the game’s 40 + missions, four boss fights and survival stages are playable with 2-4 players in local co-op. The game also offers full controller support and has leader boards so you and your friends can compete for high scores.

In a gaming market flooded with immersive storytelling and ambitious online multiplayer it is refreshing to have a game on the horizon committed to classic arcade gameplay. If you are looking for a modern take on a retro experience that you can enjoy with your friends, look no further than Xenoraid.

The game is releasing on Steam for Windows on 30th September. The game is also coming out for Xbox One and PS4 at a later date.

To find out more visit developer 10tons Ltd’s website.

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