Explore the Wum world as narrative platformer Wuppo heads to consoles

According to publisher SOEDESCO, narrative-heavy action-adventure platformer Wuppo will be making the jump to PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

The charmingly fluffy Wuppo is on its way to consoles later this year, publisher SOEDESCO has announced. The game was originally released on PC via Steam last September, and is expected to reach hit PS4 and Xbox One this summer. No explicit release date has been announced thus far, nor has the publisher hinted at a version for the Nintendo Switch.

Wuppo is set in a society of ‘Wums’, and you get to control one such Wum that is thrown out of its apartment building for spilling ice cream in the hallway. The poor Wum must not travel far and wide looking for a place to call home, and his adventures take him to such places as Popocity and Bliekopolis. Creatures you might encounter in the game have names like ‘Fnakkers’ and ‘Splenkhakkers’.

For a world that seems quite whimsical, Wuppo boasts a deeper narrative than you’d expect, and your Wum will even require social skills to get by in the world (apart from combat). Think of it as a kind of really cute and fluffy Adam Jensen. There’s also puzzles to solve, and lots of platforming about.

Have a look at the PlayStation trailer below to get a taste for what to expect.

Wuppo was developed by Knuist & Perzik, a Dutch studio that apparently worked on the game for seven years before it was done, according to the PlayStation Blog post.

If you’d rather not wait, and own a computer that you think can play Wuppo (hint: it’s not a very technically demanding game), you can check it out at Steam. There’s even a demo for the game on there, if you prefer to fiddle before you buy.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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