Quintus and the Absent Truth: Complete Edition Out Now!

Quintus and the Absent Truth, the horror-adventure about a man and his mouse, is now available in its Complete Edition on Steam.

Developed by solo developer Orion Moon, the man behind Wreck Tangle Games, Quintus and the Absent Truth is a story-rich adventure with a unique art style, fun puzzles and an adorable little companion, your new best friend, Quintus. You can now get the game’s Complete Edition on Steam, where it was released on May 21.

Quintus and the Absent Truth screenshot

Quintus and the Absent Truth is a singleplayer experience with a first-person viewpoint, and puzzles that mainly consist of working out how you can best utilize your little rodent friend. Quintus can fit into small spaces, helping you reach items, areas, or buttons that our protagonist’s hands can’t reach.

The game’s story follows both Alan Shaw and his companion Quintus, as they work together to try and find Alan’s missing daughter Lydia, as well as uncover the Absent Truth. Along the way, they explore Alan’s past and end up revealing dark secrets.

The game was developed progressively in the form of four chapters that were released over a 10-month period. Now, this Complete Edition packages all four chapters, as well as a including a ‘Making Of’ Chapter and adding new scenes throughout the game. It also boasts improved visuals, sound quality, frame rate and bug fixes.

The Making Of chapter, titled ‘The Experience’, works as a museum that you can step into to view models from the game, as well as learn how the game was developed.

Quintus is waiting for your help on Steam now 🐭 Check it out over here.

You’ll also find Wreck Tangle Games here on Twitter, and you’ll find the game’s official website over here.

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