Quote is an isometric action RPG about destroying knowledge and books

Serve the god of ignorance in Quote, and destroy all knowledge in Quote, a game of action and exploration from London-based studio Vindit.

Knowledge! What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing. Never did a nice thing, knowledge, nor its friend wisdom. Off with their collective heads! That’s more or less what Quote is on about (but don’t quote me on that; also, sorry). In Quote, you are in the service of Bliss, the god of ignorance, and your job is to get rid of all that pesky knowledge enshrined in books.

If you’re having flashbacks of reading Fahrenheit 451, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that developers Vindit cite Ray Bradbury as an influence for their game. Apart from him, there’s also Vonnegut, Carter, Eco and Huxley. For a game about literature, those are some rather strong names to riff off of. In the gameplay department, the game’s inspired by Little Big Adventure, a relatively obscure game from 1994.

So what’s it all about? You play as Novella, a priestess of Bliss, who is accompanied by her bizarre avian sidekick, Tatters. You’ll journey through seven worlds, often fighting off foes who’d like to see knowledge exist and spread (monsters, the lot of them). It’s not all fighting though, as you’ll also be solving puzzles, exploring homes and uncovering corruption.

But can we take a moment to admire the game’s art style? Each of the seven worlds in the game will be hand-drawn, according to the developers, and they completely enchanting, bizarre and charming all at once. As I look at the game’s screenshots and trailer gameplay, I find the game’s world simultaneously hostile and attracting.


Quote will release on Steam later this year in Early Access form, followed by a full release in 2017. Specific platforms haven’t been announced yet, but Windows sounds like a decent bet. Check out the official website for some of those screenshots I mentioned.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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