Reality Clash receives a major update, joins Nonvoice Alive portal

AR action game Reality Clash has a substantial new update on iOS and Android. It’s also joined the 5G app portal Nonvoice Alive.

Augmented Reality-based first-person shooter Reality Clash has received a major update that brings with a vast range of changes and additions.

Among the key features of this update are that you can now directly connect with friends via a social list, as well as instantly engage in battles against opponents across the world, all with low latency and at the tap of a button.

Apart from these features, there’s a new Battle Page, which consolidates game menus; integrated social feeds, in-game user account creation, optimized file size (which means quicker downloads), and Blade Runner-style in-game advertising that is placed around the combat environment and does not disrupt the gameplay.

The gameplay also has a fresh new level of polish, and players will find more varied spawn points and cover opportunities, apart from better AI and less lag.

Reality Clash screenshot

Reality Clash has more reason to celebrate than just the new update, though. The game has joined the world’s first dedicated 5G app portal Nonvoice Alive, which allows operators to start generating revenue from 5G data plans and devices. An example operator is Thailand’s True 5G, which will be offering the portal – and Reality Clash – to its nearly two-million subscribers.

For more information on Reality Clash, check out the official website here. You can also head to the game store pages directly on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

Reality Clash is being developed by Reality Gaming Group, which is focused on games that blend traditional gameplay with blockchain and NFT technology. Their other games include Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, and Smighties Universe.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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