Must Dash Amigos Review

Must Dash Amigos is a multiplayer racer/battle game from developer miniBeast Game Studios, with a charmingly cartoonish Mexican inspired aesthetic and a penchant for manic gameplay moments.

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The core of the game is in its party style, it’s designed to be enjoyed by several players. While this allows for some great multiplayer moments, it does mean that its single player modes leave much to be desired. For those attempting to play single player, there are some time trials which allow you to explore the stages and play with the items and a host of challenge modes which range from creative and enjoyable to frustrating and repetitive. There is unfortunately not much else to the single player experience, an option to race against AI opponents would have been appreciated.

But, as I say, the real draw is in the multiplayer, where you can race and battle against friends and family, and this is where the real fun can be had. Races feel tense and exciting and the selection of items which include speed boosts and a rather helpful and violent bull for the player to ride add to the mania of multi-player races.

The game is playable on the Xbox One and PC. While the PC version allows for keyboard as well as controller support, it is clear the game is meant to be experienced with a controller, therefore the keyboard controls feel difficult to use.

Overall there is definitely plenty of fun a group of friends can have with Must Dash Amigos, however the game in its current state feels like it lacks some of the depth of other party racers. The game launches on Xbox August 7th.




This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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