After Human – A “Minority Report” ‘ish indie game is here

Think of the Tom Cruise movie. “Minority Report.” The player controls the character in top down view and “sees” the first person view, of the NPC who is going to die. In After Human the player “sees” the sight in real time (not a cutscene), which means the NPC is out there in the world, and it’s the quest of the player to find out who it is. Basically it is a story based game, that uniquely combines top down camera and 1st person camera puzzle gameplay in a sci-fi open world.

Seeing the sight of the dying..

After Human gameplay will be solving quests in an open world setting. What makes the gameplay different from other typical games, is the appearance of random sightings or visions of the death sight.

If a player sees a death sight, the player must search for the 1st person location of the vision, by using the top down camera. The challenge is to compare the 1st person surroundings to his top down surroundings. Once the player locates the death sight area, the player must then identify the NPC who has the vision.

You can watch death sight in action below.

Sometimes, the expendable robot with the obsolete AI can make all the difference in the world.

After the war of 2392. Debris from nuclear weapons killed all the living things on earth. All that is left on the planet are the non-living … the robots.

The droids were able to rebuild the planet destroyed by the war. Advance AI have brought peace among the robots themselves despite differences in software versions and language.

Damon, a toilet robot, suddenly “sees” the vision of another robot somewhere in sector 3. After this incident, he was contacted by a mysterious droid named “Jiyu,” who explained to him that, the vision he saw, is the vision of the robot who is going to shutdown.

Jiyu explained that the sudden unexplained shutdowns of robots in sector 3 are caused by the death sight virus, and in order to find the cause, they must search for the robots who are infected by it.

“Death Sight” a new look at playing and solving game quests

Death Sight is the core of the game, because it opens many quest possibilities and quest combinations that was never been done before in any video game. Some interesting quests are as follows.

  • Player sees a death sight the he can use to blackmail someone. Example, he sees a death sight of a NPC who is having an affair. The player can use this information to get something from the NPC, otherwise, the player can reveal the secret to the spouse or use it to destroy the NPC’s reputation in the community.
  • Player sees multiple death sights, all done by a single killer. The player then can piece the sights of the victims together to capture the elusive serial killer that is terrorizing the city.

Main Quest + Common Quest + Death Sight = Interwoven Storyline

With the addition of Death Sight to the normal quests, After Human creates an array of possibilities on how the story will progress. Each quest have different ways to complete, and with the addition of the death sight, each quests will become more interesting for the player because some information/secrets are available to him because of the death sight events.

After Human is scheduled to release on PC/Mac/Ps4 sometime in Q2 2021.You can get information about the game on the link here. Support the game and join their discord channel: and

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