BadBee Coming To Steam

BadBee an escape game where you use stealth to avoid guards will soon be available on the Steam Store. It’s porting game from Android. 

What is Badbee?

The escape room adventure inside honeycomb starts with a small bee whose success comes out from the jail. The map is packed with a stylish honey background, that escape level hopes to attract the player.

This video game was developed in collaboration with Arthavan Studio. Actually Badbee is a 2D escape game have simple mission to collect honey pot, find the key, and other treasure for each level. You must think deeply about the best route strategy and solve any puzzles to complete each level.


Releasing BadBee

Before releasing the PC version we made a basic study of this BadBee game to make it suitable for desktop gamers. After a long discussion, we finally decided that the arena for each level was expanded, reformed the gameplay, added several levels before launching it to early access on Steam.

The main goal to be released to Steam, to see a new prospect that is better than the mobile version (ie Android) is not just a normal ported from mobile to PC but to make a revamp of the gameplay to make it more addictive and interesting.

BadBee Win

At this moment, we will release on Early Access Steam with a plan of 15 initial levels in order to get a lot of feedback from the community for completion of the next levels. It will be launched on July 24, 2020 so that you do not wait too long to play this game. For now, you can enjoy play this game beside English language such as Bahasa, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian. It will added more languages based on feedback.

If you interested to play BadBee when launch later just add to your wishlist now on steam store. Economic price for you just $3.99 at launch. More info this game on the developer website. For more indie game previews visit the IND13 preview pages

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