Between Realms: Adventure in a world of mystery and technology

Between Realms is touted by its developers as an intelligent sci-fi game where the player has to choose between intense action and smart stealth walkthrough in a world full of aggressive robots and environmental traps. This game provides players with quite unusual mechanics related to its heroine’s supernatural powers.


Action of Between Realms takes place in a distant future. Game’s protagonist is a female scientist named Eve Rise, involved into tragic and mysterious events after she arrives to Orum – technological complex where the unique natural resource called Cyrex is mined. Almost immediately Eve discovers that most of Orum’s inhabitants are dead. The Cybernets – robots which were intended to protect humans – are now reprogrammed and turned into ruthless murderers. Now she has to figure out what’s actually happened. The situation is complicated by the fact that some of the survivors are infected with an unknown virus.

Between Realms - Characters


One of the main features of this game is a system of moral choices, defining the subsequent storytelling. Each time the player makes some serious decision, it affects, in some way, the further story and leads to quite a different ending. This allows you to replay the game several times to see different endings. Choice system is implemented via cinematic dialogues, voiced by professional voiceover actors, including movie star Victoria Hogan, who provided voice-overs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Steven Kelly from cast of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and voiceover veteran Brian Stivale, known for his work on such projects like Warhammer 40 000, Tekken 7, Need For Speed: Payday and many more.

Between Realms - Art Work


Core mechanics of the game can be listed as another notable feature. At one moment of the story Eve gains supernatural powers which make it easier for her to confront further challenges. For example, she can perform an advanced jump, creating gravitational anomaly that allows her to levitate for a few seconds, rising high in the air – and then do it a couple of times again. Acting this way Eve can get into hard-to-reach places as well as avoid direct encounters with enemies. When Miss Rise performs this action, the time slows down, so the player has few seconds to target the area where he or she would like to land. Also Eve can manipulate the electrical orbs to attack enemies and destroy obstacles.



Ovva Games is a young game studio but it consists of very qualified and experienced members who previously worked on many other projects. With Between Realms they hope to get into the market and make their name a well-known one. One of the main goals they want to achieve with this game is to adjust optimal balance between storytelling pace and player’s involvement into the gameplay. The game was first introduced to a wide audience on Gamescom Expo in August 2019. You can learn more about Between Realms and watch the development progress by following game’s pages on, Facebook and Twitter.

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