Boom Company is shaping up to be one of the best twin stick shooters

Boom Company is a roguelike twin stick shooter from Burt’s Games with bullet hell gameplay, in-mission upgrades, and a variety of spacecraft.

If you are looking for twin-stick shooters with blazing-fast, high-octane gameplay, we recommend supporting Burt’s Games’ upcoming title Boom Company, which is on the cusp of launching its Kickstarter campaign.

Set in a hyper-capitalist star cluster ruled by eccentric megacorporations, Boom Company has you playing as an unlikely hero who must take on odd-jobs (the kind that involve intense space dogfights), just to survive and make it out alive.

Boom Company indie game screenshot

The game features a rogue-like style of gameplay in which you pilot a powerful prototype ship alongside various oddball characters in your mercenary band. One of them is a sentient slot machine named Pachinko, and another is a mystifying monolith that loves to read.

At Boom Company, everything from fighters to mechs are at your disposal. You can even upgrade your gear within the mission, outfitting your ship with weapons ranging from missiles and machine guns all the way to nukes and black hole generators(?!).

Progressing from job to job will entail making decisions. What faction will you align with, and where will your morality lie? Will you fight the bad guys for humanitarian purposes? Or are you willing to give evil a pass if it means a fat paycheck for you? You can also, of course, choose to weave between the two, as you see fit.

It’s not all about morality or cash, though. The factions you ally yourself with will also determine the high-tech weaponry that you get access to. The jobs you take will themselves form a part of your strategy in the game.

Boom Company indie game screenshot

Boom Company will have a Kickstarter launch in the coming months, as well as a demo in Fall 2021. Get ready for the Kickstarter here!

For more information on Boom Company, check out the official website here, as well as the development log on here. You’ll find the Burt’s Games here on Twitter as well.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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