Cat Cafe Manager

In Cat Cafe Manager, you become the manager of your granny’s old cat cafe in the small countryside village of Caterwaul Way.

Besides hiring staff and decorating the cafe, you also have to take care of and eventually adopt some of the many cute and fluffy stray cats that roam the streets. Each cat is unique: with its own look, stats, and personality. It’s your job to pick out the right combination of cats for your cafe to please and relax your customers in this hand-animated 2D management game.

“The bizarre comfiness of being in a cat cafe in downtown Kyoto never left me. That’s why we want to offer players the fantasy of building their own weird little cat cafe.” – Rick Sorgdrager, Roost Games

Cat Cafe Manager

You’ll get a chance to get to know all the different folks that live in Caterwaul Way, such as Finley, a young musician trying to make it big, or Bonner, the local ferryman who tells a lot of very tall tales. As you get to know them better you can start to uncover some of the clues about the mysterious shrine dedicated to an ancient cat god, giving you glimpses into the strange history of the town of Caterwaul Way and its abundance of stray cats.

Cat Cafe Manager Gameplay

Management Veterans

Roost Games is a brand new indie studio made up of three veteran 2D strategy game creators. After creating Reus, Renowned Explorers, and Godhood at Abbey Games, they went on to form Roost Games with a mission to fill some of those unfulfilled niches in the 2D management genre.

Cat Cafe Manager Map

Releasing This Fall

Cat Cafe Manager is slated to release in the fall of 2020 for PC, and can be wishlisted on Steam. More information can be found at the sites official website

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