City Shield Defender – Covid-19 Lockdown Game

City Shield Defender is a retro style mobile touch game. In City Shield your city is in the midst of a pandemic from an airborne virus trying to infect your lungs. Your goal is to unlock areas in your city from lock down by surviving waves of flying viruses trying to attack your lungs.

Touching on your mobile screen creates shields used to block approaching viruses spawning from infected surfaces.

City Shield Defender 2

Your mission is to shield your lungs from being infected and earn points.  Too many lung hits from the attacking viruses will result in your death. In order to unlock your city from a lock down you have to survive multiple virus attacks in different environments from your kitchen ,  your local park, coffee shop , yacht club , office and more.

In summary, the city shield defender game is a retro style mobile touch game with swipe and tap controls.  It should be seen as a way to relax and casually enjoy casual gaming  during  a lockdown.

City Shield Defender 1

The game was developed by an indie developer affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and 10% of the revenue generated from the games downloads will be donated to family members of people affected by covid-19 pandemic.

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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