Colony Siege – Strategy Survival

Defend humanity’s last enclaves in Colony Siege, a fast-paced blend of real-time strategy, survival, base building and tower defence.

Colony Siege

Colony Siege - Screen

A True Hybrid of Game Genres

Play the way you want to. Build up your base, construct mobile mechs and tanks, create powerful towers with laser fence barriers, add unique traps, and utilize devastating strikes. Some people play the game as an RTS, some play it as a Tower Defense, and others mix and match; the choice is yours. One of the great things about the game is it can be played how you like and each time you play its a unique experience. 

Full CO-OP Campaign

The game can be played alone or with a friend via online cooperative play. Each player receives rewards from completed missions and can continue playing co-op or switch to solo at any time. It’s great solo or to play with your peers.

Colony Siege - Gameplay

Survival Mode

Complete a mission once and unlock Survival Mode. In this mode you must build up your colony by day, and survive an onslaught at night. Enemies can warp in from anywhere on the map, testing your strategies to their limits. Its a challenge that you’ll need to overcome to survive!

Colony Siege - Game

Will You Survive?

Colony Siege offers a flavor of strategy for everyone. Blending elements from multiple genres allows for an entirely new type of game. It’s a true indie challenge that is primed and ready for players to try. A great deal of work has gone into the game, it would be awesome to get the indie game community playing and to hear what they all think.

Available in May on Steam. Wishlist Colony Siege to be notified at launch! For more information, visit the games official website 

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This Article was written by: Johnson Brown

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