Cranked Up – Play animal donuts and defeat a pineapple pizza.

In Cranked Up, your donut has lost his coffee cup, help him find Mr. Mug in a crazy world led by a Hawaiian pizza. In this platforming game, an evil Hawaiian pizza rules the world. He has kidnaped your favorite cup of coffee and threatens to cover all food with pineapple. Your mission is to save the cup (and the world at the same time).

It’s a crazy mixed up world

In this comical yet challenging universe, your quest is to get your donut to its spiritual home, the coffee cup. The game has a great sense of humour and is visually on point. Inanimate objects are given great personalities in a title that’s as funny as it is challenging.

Rockets in flight, afternoon delight

A clever rocket system allows you to move, but despite its simplicity it remains challenging. You have to activate the right rocket at the right time, otherwise you risk going back in the wrong way. Once mastered you can then go from roof to roof, jump chasms and create your own way to the coveted coffee.

No pain and gain in Cranked Up

By not having pockets the terrible pineapple pizza tends to lose coins in the levels. It’s up to you to collect all this money to customize your donut! Complete all hidden levels to expand your donut collection.
And all that guaranteed without loot boxes!

The Cranked Up Steam page is already available and tells us that the game should be released in the course of 2020.

This Article was written by: Ridou

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