Deva – Second-Person Horror Game

Claws Dev is pleased to announce their upcoming release, namely Deva, a horror game that will be played from a second-person perspective!

Deva has a completely different gameplay than the classic games, using this unconventional perspective as an advantage to create a horror game that produces a fear as real and terrifying as possible for the player, due to the fact that he will be directly involved in the game!

“Looking for a way to create innovative gameplay that is not just based on Jumpscares and a virtual/imaginary atmosphere, we realized that the second-person perspective is perfect for what we set out to do!

Knowing that you are the main character of the game, already inspires fear, and besides, due to the fact that you will be directly involved in the game, it will awaken in you a fear that classic horror games cannot reproduce, a real one!” – Claudio Nicolas, ClawsDev Executive Producer

Compared to the classic first-person and third-person perspective games, in which the player plays the role of an avatar, in Deva, the person behind the screen will be the avatar, the main character of the game, and this will make the game extremely interactive, especially a horror one!

“Fear and paranoia are translated into reality due to this type of perspective!”

Deva will be launched next year in March 2021. At this moment, ClawsDev has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds for its development! In the link below, you can access Deva’s campaign page on Kickstarter, to see more details about the game!

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