Endless Knight – A genuinely new fighting game?

So, you have decided to read this article, I will try and make it worth your while but of course my main purpose is to make you want to play my latest game Endless Knight. Yes, that’s right I am the developer of this game. “What?, How can I trust you to provide an unbiased opinion on the game” you might ask? Well, to be honest, you cant! But on the other hand, my game is so amazingly awesome that I wouldn’t be able to find anything bad to say about it even if i tried (probably).

Endless Knight “Its just a flesh wound….”

Lets start by explaining what the game is. Well, it’s a fighting game. “grr, I know its a fighting game!” you exclaim, because you have read the title for this article. That would be fair, but did I also mention that it is genuinely new? Oh I did, sorry. Perhaps then, the question you’re looking for is “What’s new about it?” and that would be a great question! Endless knight lets you chop each others limbs off and continue fighting! “But i have done that in other games” you might rudely interject, to which i would say stop being difficult and let me get on with the article, there are all sorts of other things that are different about it.

Endless Knight - DesertNoLegs

It’s just inexplicably better

So here is the interesting thing about fighting with some of your limbs missing, its funny! Well i think so anyway way, especially when you have been ‘dis-armed’ but still manage to kick your friend to their doom.

This probably creates all sorts of interesting gameplay nuances, but most likely you don’t care about those for the purposes of this article. You do care about the wonderful and exciting deaths though ‘cos you’re a person of taste. You are correct in thinking that other games claim to have these, but in this game, they are just inexplicably better. You see, unlike other fighting ‘games’, in this game you can finish (ahem) people off in exciting ways from the very start of the round. No more tedious trudging through the opponents energy bar here because they don’t even have one.

Endless Knight - Decapitation

Incredible Features

The flip side of being able to kill people instantly, is that you can die instantly, which is nice. Unless of course you are one of these ‘casual’ gamers I’ve heard about who like to button mash, in which case you’ll probably not like this game, but should definitely buy it anyway because reasons! For proper gamers like yourself however, this game contains a mode challenging enough to make you smash things if it wasn’t so obvious that you will complete it on the next try.

Another feature of the game is that it has music! “What? All games have music!” you say prematurely. Well, this has very special music in it with singing words and things like that. Oh how you will rejoice as the bard sings of your wondrous escapades! At least for the first few listens anyway.

Endless Knight - ThePit

In summary, this is unobjectively the best game in the world, ever, and you should tell all your friends to buy it, and have them buy you a copy too.

Check out Endless Knight here on steam (out now).

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This Article was written by: Will Sykes

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