Herogrinder: Tactical Combat Arenas

Herogrinder, the most brutal gameshow of the 24th century is a game like XCOM, but PvP.

Herogrinder is a free-2-play turn-based tactical PvP and co-op combat game in a retro-cyberpunk setting under development by the indie studio Modern. The game uniquely combines deep character progression and customization, simultaneous turns, destructible and re-arrangeable environments, stealth, drones, hacking, and area effects. The goal is to deliver a fast paced turn-based tactics experience without wait times and with unrivalled degrees of customizations.

Limitless combos and outcomes

Every turn has limitless outcomes, depending on the use of squad tactics, skills, equipment, the environment, and readied actions to get ahead of your opponents’ game.  There game uses a classless system with 15 base ability scores and 20 selectable combat conditioning systems from over 500 available options but also has 20+ different pre-set advancement progressions.

Outcomes depend on a number of factors including the initiative order, success or failure of actions, and how readied actions are used to get ahead of your opponent’s game.

Bioroid Customizer App and Contest

Modern has published a Bioroid Customizer App on Steam where players can design their unique characters, which they can enter in a contest to win an exact 3D-printed model of their creation. Download the app and start designing your unique bioroids to win!

The sinister agenda of the corporation

Dare you trust New Horizons Media, the owner of the Herogrinder brand? There are cosmic forces that are too alien to comprehend and that are meant only for those whose sanity can handle the truth! But it’s a subject best left unsaid

Herogrinder Registrations open!

It’s time to become a contestant on the number one gameshow of the 24th century! Pre-registration is open through the Bioroid Customizer App and contest. Check out the game’s Steam page, add the game to your wishlist to be among the first contestants, and follow the project for regular goodies and update announcements!

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