Iron Vulture Announced

Iron Vulture, a micro real-time strategy game with a post-apocalyptic theme and Meal Slug-like pixel art, launch Announce Trailer and Steam Page

What is Iron Vulture?

Iron Vulture is a real-time strategy line defender. You can command six soldiers in real-time combat, move them across lanes, and use their abilities to eliminate wave after wave of mutated creatures. Take part in epic battles and take on ferocious foes.

6 unique Soldier with their specialties and skills

Every soldier has a unique fighting style. Take advantage of their specialties and turn the tide of the battle. Use tactics and change your gameplay style to take on unique challenges. Learn from your mistakes and build up your battle awareness for ongoing success.

Iron Vulture - Gameplay

The craft of Metal-Slug-like pixel art animation 

001Studio’s founder- CY said “We’re all big fan of SNK especially Metal Slug series. We put a lot of work to make the arty style and a Metal Slug vibe.” You can see in the incredible artwork what the game has tried to achieve, taking the original style of Metal Slug and updating it for the 21st.

Iron Vulture - Players

Sign-up for Free Demo Now

If you are interested in taking on this awesome title. You can now, you can wishlist on their Steam store page. Sign-up free Demo on Iron Vulture Official Website. As an indie with a tremendous amount of promise this is one to look out for in the future so be the first to play this incredible title.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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