Lost Twins 2 – A glimpse of the Ghibli inspired puzzle platformer

Lost Twins 2 is a puzzle platformer with a Ghibli-inspired sense of wonder and discovery. Developer Playdew tells us more about it.

Lost Twins 2 is a puzzle adventure game where you get to explore different worlds while following the journey of the twin siblings Abi & Ben.

The game starts as the twins are sucked into the unknown world and separated from each other. The goal is to rearrange the paths and bring the twins together at the exit portal of each level.

Lost Twins 2 screenshot

Game Idea

The story starts with the siblings in their rooms, where they are suddenly distracted by a wisp that directs them through their house and into a portal. Upon entering this portal, the twins find themselves in a new place, unaware of what is happening around them.

Our guide, the fenghuang bird, guides them to the portals in each level. Despite this, the twins always end up in different spots after reuniting at the portal.

Lost Twins 2 screenshot

From Lost Twins to Lost Twins 2

Lost Twins 2 is a sequel to our previous title, Lost Twins. Looking back, we didn’t think that game would reach the point of getting a sequel.

We always loved the game and were also sad that there is a lack of engaging puzzle game titles. As Lost Twins has always been close to our hearts, we wanted to continue on that title.

So we played several puzzle games and noted down whatever seemed interesting to us and what could we potentially put into our new title.

Most importantly, we wanted to include our love for Studio Ghibli and hence, we included 2D hand painted characters in our game.

Where We Are Now

Right now, we are done with the basic concept art and designs for our zones. The first zone is almost completed. Each level is designed to extreme detail and we end up discarding some things that don’t seem to fit together.

We post our development updates on our social media to get our fans feedback and see how they like our game.

We want to make a game that is fun for the players so we love it when we receive feedback from the players so if you like our game, consider wishlisting our game and following us on our socials.

You can find Lost Twins 2 on Steam here. You can find developer Playdew on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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