Obsidian Crown – Rogue-lite with a difference

Obsidian Crown is a Roguelite shooter for Windows / PC that doesn’t require the player to kill everything in sight!

Featuring Pixel graphics and a unique ‘karma’ game mechanic, the game challenges each player to find the right balance of weapons in order to complete the game, save planet Earth, and rescue your beloved pet! You must survive the myriad creatures and devices that want to harm you, while showing your captors that humanity is capable of mercy.

Obsidian Crown - Gameplay

Pickups and Weapon Types

You’ve been ‘plucked’ from planet Earth by a mysterious alien entity, who presents you with the Obsidian Crown. Fortunately, the cosmic beings that control the multiverse have provided some useful ‘trinkets’ for you to use in your quest for survival. They range from projectiles weapons that destroy your enemies, to defensive weapons that improve your karma and help to light your way.

Karma – Good and Bad

The choice is yours, kill your enemies but reduce the amount of light and speed, or boost your speed and light by using the harmless ‘bubble guns’. May you have fun and adventures on your journey!

Obsidian Crown - Characters


Like Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon, this game is a twin-stick shooter, except for one key difference, you don’t have to kill everything in sight! Explore a different side to rogue-lite gaming with Obsidian Crown. Sometimes surviving the myriad creatures means you have to balance your style of gameplay.


  • Pixel Graphics
  • Intense single player action
  • An original musical score by ‘Lazy Flies’
  • Karma system
  • Procedural maps
  • 7 different game zones
  • Permadeath

Steam Curator Review:

“This is a shooter with good pixel graphics and unique control mechanics. Quite an interesting game in it, you can kill a couple of hours of life.”
Plague Doc – Steam Curator

Release Information

Obsidian Crown is due for release on October 2019, for Windows/PC via Steam,

Website: www.obsidiancrown.com Developer: www.pipkinstudios.com

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