Rogue Summoner

Gamecraft Studios – a two-brother team working from Brazil – has announcement their tactical roguelike, Rogue Summoner.

The brothers wanted to involve the community in their process of adding a twist to the classic roguelike formula and are developing the game with the community on Itchio. The result is a turn-based tactics game about conjuring creatures to fight in your stead.

Rogue Summoner


Adding a twist to a famous genre

Tiago, one of the developers, comments “Roguelikes always have had a place in our hearts, and we wanted to change their core turn-based formula to making them more tactical and appealing to a broader strategy player-base. He also states that the quarantine was a great opportunity to pursue the project “Isolating ourselves during the quarantine was a great opportunity to come back to the gaming industry and start a new creative project.”


Strategy and Emergence

With a heavy focus on emergent gameplay, Rogue Summoner will make you master each unique creature, optimizing your strategy by exploiting their weaknesses when fighting against them, and leveraging their strengths when summoning them. Every creature you defeat can be added to your loadout, from a half-witted spider to the most powerful bosses.

Rogue Summoner

Rogue Summoner is available on Itchio, where the brothers are building the game with the community. It will also be released on Steam later this year. Rogue Summoner on Itchio and Wishlist it on Steam. For more indie game previews visit the IND13 preview pages


This Article was written by: Dan Zaidan

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