Ruffhouse VR: The First Full-Game Basketball Simulator

Ruffhouse VR is the first full-game basketball simulator of its kind. The game is a new approach to VR basketball involving Unreal Engine physics, innovative use of motion control and an opportunity for players to compete in an ongoing online community to create a true simulated experience.

This single and multi-player basketball simulator is meant to highlight the game, “Twenty-One,” a popular street basketball game played amongst amateurs in urban cities around the country. The single version of Ruffhouse is one player versus 4-8 AI defensive characters. While it can be played solo, at release we plan to enable the ability to be joined by up to 3 friends. This multi-player version will allow you to hone your single-player skills and shine bright as a prospective asset on a team.


Ruffhouse stands out in the VR world because of its dynamic real-life game play. This is not an arcade title. Dribble mechanics and shot mechanics play a huge role in how successful you are on the court. In Ruffhouse, a jump shot is a real jump shot, you will have to time your jump, aim your shot, and time your release. I felt it was time to bring real-life dynamic streetball into everyone’s home.


I grew up as an athlete in Philadelphia and there are moments that can’t be shared with anyone but your coaches and teammates. Intense moments of being on the other side of a packed crowd of cheering fans in a small gymnasium, stuck with me for years. Exhilarating to say the least and hands down the first experience that I wanted to share with VR audiences. Armed with no formal game development education, just ambition and drive, Ruffhouse was born.


Four percent of indie developers are African American and even less are VR indie developers. As an African American game developer, I believe representation in the gaming community is important and the more diverse voices are amplified, the more we have an opportunity to create an inclusive and remarkable gaming experience for all audiences.


After completing the prototype to show the basic principles of the game, I’ve now moved into pre-production with a planned release for mid 2023. With third-party partnerships, sneaker designs, character creators and more, I hope to reach my ultimate end-goal which is to make this the VR version of March Madness with chat functions, sponsors, synchronized play, live servers, game broadcasts and YouTube streams.

Lastly, my biggest goal is to inspire other VR developers to take new risk with sports games and provide audiences with more real-world experiences. Ultimately, as VR developers we can transport our audiences to other worlds and give them the virtual superpowers they only dream about.

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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