Shattering Obsidian

Story is king, when Steampunk meets Fantasy in a World on the Brink in Shattering Obsidian

Writer and solo developer James K. Isaac has combined his love of stories and computer games, of weird and wonderful steampunk and magical fantasy, to create a RPG Maker game, Shattering Obsidian. Prioritising story, then character development, the game will chart the life, and rise, of a young healer, Nisha. Her world is ripped asunder, her people scattered, and she must adapt to a harsh war-torn land, where the inhabitants have little time for refugees from fallen cultures.

Shattering Obsidian

Story First

Initially, 2 chapters are being released, charting the fall of the Obsidian Tower. Themes of cultural stagnation, isolationism, friendship and fanaticism are explored, with the player making choices which will lay the foundation of the future. Conspiracies are hinted at, mysteries are revealed, magical tradition clashes against gritty technology. Through all this, Nisha will prove she is no victim, no idle complainer. Perhaps, she is the future?

Shattering Obsidian

Fascinating Foundations

Designed by a lover of stories, for lovers of stories, Shattering Obsidian looks and plays like many classic RPGs, since it uses RPG Makers accessible tools. However, ‘cute’ character sprites have been simplified, to create a darker tone somewhere between the standards of Japanese and Western RPGs. Because of this, Shattering Obsidian is a game of surprises, wonders, occasional humour and, most importantly, of indulgent imagination. This is ‘Arcanum: Of Steamwork and Magick Obscura’ and ‘Phantasy Star’ rolled into one.

Shattering Obsidian Shoot

Future Development

Ultimately, the developer plans to release a 6 chapter story, creating a complete character arc, from tragedy to triumph, from insignificance to world-shaper, ‘like an epic biography of a great historical figure.’ Hero or tyrant? That is for the player to decide.

Shattering Obsidian CharactersPlay the Demo

Shattering Obsidian is a compelling RPG, at times inspiring, gripping, exciting or heart-breaking. An unforgettable adventure for those who relish the art of story-telling. The first 2 chapter will be released on Steam, 29th September 2020, with chapter 1 available as a free demo. Initially on PC, there are plans to release it on Mac, Linux and Android systems.

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