Soul Passage – Know more about the next-generation Metroidvania

Soul Passage is a Metroidvania in which you explore the Soul Realm as protagonist Obligor. Writer and game designer Ozbay Emrah tells us more.

Soul Passage is an action-packed game from an innovative team, aiming to break rules in the Metroidvania genre. It does this by leaving control of the skill tree, along with the fate of the main character Obligor to the player.

You will jump into an extraordinary journey through The Spiritus Porta, a soul realm, which is filled with miscellaneous planets housing diverse creatures, all while you bear countless extraordinary magical items and breathtaking weapons in your stash.

The Story

Soul Passage, the first game in the series, is about uncovering all that is mysterious and unknown in its own universe. The game is based on the plot of events that have happened and will happen around the main character, Obligor.

Obligor’s story begins on his home planet, Tarqeq. Tarqeq is an agricultural planet with full of diverse natural beauty. Purple, blue trees and plants, pink and burgundy cliffs, and a wide variety of life await the player here.

Soul Passage screenshot

Obligor loses his family just before the game’s story begins. When Obligor was very young, the elders in his village told him that the souls of the deceased are out there somewhere and that it is possible to go to these places and see them and even bring them back. This legend marks the beginning of Obligor’s quest.

The Next Generation Metroidvania

Soul Passage blends RPG elements on top of known Metroidvania elements, and it has been designed with gameplay that will immerse the player in depth.

Our team has spent a lot of time creating a very enjoyable game in which you can explore different weapons and abilities.

We are developing a game in which you can improve and customize your gameplay with weapons and outfits that you can find and buy while you travel the whole of Soul Universe.

We have not neglected to include fun puzzles that will require you to use the entire playing field and your own skills wisely against your enemies. To distinguish the game from other Metroidvanias, we’ve developed it with a scenario that will allow you to travel to other worlds.

You will have to deal with different physics while navigating different worlds, where you will experience the more challenging areas of the game.

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Ready for the Kickstarter Campaign

The early development phase of Soul Passage is still ongoing. Creating the different physics and the different worlds is a lot of work, but of course, that’s just a process for us.

Our first goal was to get people excited by giving them an idea of the game’s world and main character using a 3D trailer. That’s the stage we are at now.

Our next goal now is to show people how we are really developing the gameplay. Towards the end of January, we will release the first real gameplay trailer and after that, the biggest journey for us is to build our Kickstarter audience. Those who like our game on our currently active page have started following us, and we are sure more will come.

Assuming there are no changes to our plans, our Kickstarter campaign will launch with various rewards and tiers in April and May.

I would like to point out that there are various packages waiting for everyone who follows us and wants to own the game. Figures, art books, outfits, cosplay clothing, limited-edition handmade posters, and more, such as the Soul Universe comic, which tells the story of Obligor’s father that I continue to write.

Soul Passage screenshot

In addition, we will be offering a special package that is only available to game companies and has never been seen before in a Kickstarter campaign.

We continue to work on the packages and will begin physically promoting the packages in February and March. We want to show our fans what they are really getting.

Where can you play Soul Passage?

The Soul Passage development team’s goal is to allow you to enjoy this original game on Windows and macOS operating systems as well as Nintendo, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and Stadia platforms, as well as on mobile devices. We also have a desire to release it on Atari VCS.

However, we have not yet confirmed which platforms will and will not be available. Our goal is to gradually bring Soul Passage to life on all platforms, the main targets of which will be defined by those of you who support the game.

Soul Passage screenshot

Throughout the process, we work diligently to bring an artistic perspective that is true to the essence of the game. We pursue our dreams with an unbridled desire and zeal so that you can share the childlike excitement, the unstoppable joy, the allure of discovery, and the breathtaking enthusiasm for creativity that we have experienced in the development of the game.

How can you reach us?

Soul Passage is present on popular social media, and you can reach us and see our process on all the media platforms we have. You’ll find us here on Twitter, here on Facebook, and here on Instagram.

You’ll find Soul Passage at its official site here, and on Kickstarter here.

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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