The Button Witch – An adventure of magic, puzzles and…a talking ghost squirrel?

Developer of the retro roguelite JRPG Dungeon Dreams, DDreams Games is working on a new indie adventure with lots of magic and puzzles, The Button Witch. 

Button Witch - Title Screen

The Button Witch

Enter “Ellen”, a young witch who’s been accepted for an exclusive internship before she can take the SAT – Superior Arcane Training – exam! The Button Witch is a 2D pixel adventure, reminiscent of classic point-and-click games, in which you collect objects, combine them, and use interactive magic to make your way in a mysterious mansion.

DDreams Games

The team has set the tone for a game in which humor and wittiness rule supreme. Looks like the little witch will have to face several challenges including a talking ghost squirrel, a flaming gardener and some sort of turtle-fountain creature.

The Button Witch - Gameplay

The Complete Game

A polished and cute demo of The Button Witch is already available on the DDreams Games website , but it’s clear that the “internship” (or whatever happens in that crazy Mansion) will take much longer to be completed. In the demo you get to play for a couple hours and visit several rooms including a big and beautiful garden, the “tea room” and a beautiful gallery with animated pictures.

The Interface

The user interface is pretty minimal: you have a convenient bag icon on the bottom-right of the corner that can be expanded to bring up four icons: system, inventory, magic and hint menu. If you play until the end of the demo, you’ll see that the hint icon will actually change into something more…chatty. The magic system feels fresh as you get the option to use your spells to turn on and off several lights or move objects. And it’s pretty clear that more spells will be unlocked during the rest of the game.

Button Witch - Artwork

The Artwork

The beautiful artwork belongs to Caterina Capogrossi, a talented Italian artist (the whole team is Italian, by the way). Check out her Artstation page if you want to see more, including some “The Button Witch” sketches:

What’s Coming Next

DDreams Games and developer Jacopo Lorenzetti are very active via twitter and has revealed the intention of launching their Kickstarter campaign around Christmas, so stay tuned if you’re curious to see what kind of perks they come up with for people who decide to support their project. Rumors say that supporters will be able to see their own statue in the game, and even perhaps design a puzzle room or a character with their own artwork!

Find out more about the game on the official site and learn more about upcoming Indie Games on Into Indie Games

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