The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1

“The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1” is a puzzle/mystery/adventure game with story behind. The game was released 29 April 2020 on Steam Store by start-up indie gaming studio Intetic from Macedonia and it’s the first chapter from seven in total.

The Strange Story of Brian Fisher


The game distinct from the other games in randomization. Every time when the player hit “New Game” button, most of the items and clues that you need to collect are positioned randomly, and combination for the puzzles are generated randomly. Still the same structure of the puzzle, but different starting positions, different numbers and letters, different locations. So, every player in the world have randomization that makes each play experience unique. Even the same player want to play again and hit “New Game”, everything will be random again.


The game can be played in third person view, but you can switch to first person view any time during your play. It uses an auto-save mechanism, but also you can save manually every moment while you are playing. This gives you more control if you want to make a break from the game and continue later from the point of stop, not from the last checkpoint. The game can be played with keyboard and mouse, but also full controller is supported.

Story of Chapter 1

You wake up in a basement. It smells abandoned, damp and moldy. You are caged in the corner, and the identity of your kidnapper is as blank as the memories of how you got here.

You are detective Brian Fisher, and you must escape  the run-down house by combing it for clues, solving its puzzles and unraveling its mysteries. Who is your captor? What does he want from you? and how is all this connected to the disappearance of your father, a leading astro-physicist, over 20 years ago? This is the first chapter in a story spanning space, time and a sinister plot only you have the power to stop.

Time to play

If you like puzzle games with story behind, possibility for playing on third or first person view, and random things in it, this game deserve at least try. If you want to engage with this game, below are some links that will give you connection with the game.

Find the game on the Steam Store and on the games official Game Website. For more indie game previews visit the IND13 preview pages

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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