This Means Warp – A co-op spaceship management game; beta on July 2

In This Means Warp, up to four players work together to manage a spaceship. Developer Outlier tells us more just before the beta launches.

Developed by Outlier, a 2-man studio based across Ireland and Canada, This Means Warp is an online co-op spaceship management game. 1-4 players work together to run a spaceship in real-time, exploring procedurally generated galaxies, battling increasingly challenging enemies, and upgrading their ship as they fight to survive in a hostile universe.

This Means Warp screenshot

The game was inspired by a simple question – what would happen if we combined the strategic risk-taking of a tactical roguelikes with the adrenaline-pumping intensity of real-time co-op games? Could the frantic scramble of games like Overcooked be intensified with the high-stakes combat of games like FTL or Bomber Crew? The answer grew to become This Means Warp!

Early prototypes of the game featured constant action, though we came to learn the key is really in the balance. Battles are frenetic fun as your team’s perfectly formulated plan slowly unravels, then the calm between missions allows you to strategize once more, outfit your ship, and head into ever more dangerous encounters.

If your ship dies it’s game over, so risk ramps up over the course of a run – your team will need to coordinate, learn, and hustle if you’re to make it through the gauntlet!

One important design element that permeates This Means Warp is the ability for anyone to play. If you don’t have too many gamer friends, many co-op games aren’t accessible for solo players.

This Means Warp is fully playable singleplayer, or you can hop into games with strangers online! You’re also able to recruit a colorful cast of AI companions if you wish, and instruct them in real-time as you control your own character.

Outlier ran an early alpha playtest in 2020, gathering feedback from players and changing core mechanics based on their ideas. Beta offers another opportunity to integrate the This Means Warp community into its design, and we’re super excited about what’s in store from here!

This Means Warp is due for release in early 2022, but an exclusive beta is available from 2nd to 11th of July. You can apply for the beta today for an early chance to play! For more information on This Means Warp, check out the game’s Steam page.

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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