Under the Counter – Trailer Premiere

Under the Counter is a narrative simulation of a market stall in occupied Warsaw, where you serve vodka and snacks to citizens and demons.

It’s here, and it’s fresh, straight from under the counter! Korba Games has published the long-awaited trailer of their first game ’Under the Counter’, which will be released in the second half of this year.

The game loosely refers to the events of 1940 occupied Warsaw, drawing its main inspiration from the figure of Wicuś the Sailor, an ex-sailor who arrived in Warsaw in the first months of World War II and started a food stall at the Różycki Bazaar. We know from our sources that he was liked and visited also by the soldiers who occupied the city.

“In the game, we try to show the experience of running such a business, wrapping it into a plot that blends a war story with a supernatural twist,” says Jakub Wiśniewski, who is responsible for the graphic design at Korba Games. “At the same time, we strongly focus on the comic nature of the game when it comes to graphics. Our sources of inspiration include stories and photos from the war, but also fantasy and horror: the works of HP Lovecraft or Mike Mignola”.

In a nutshell, a wartime occupation story meets Eastern European folklore. You can think of it as if René from Allo Allo! invited Hellboy and his crew to his cafe.

The player’s task is to serve food or drinks and simultaneously hold conversations with customers who come to Wicuś with a problem or a quest. On the one hand, you have to earn your rent and replenish your supplies, and on the other, you are drawn into an intrigue that starts when the people that regularly visit the market start to disappear.

The mechanics for serving customers are simple enough to stay focused on the conversations. The story quests are partly based on Warsaw’s history, although we introduce a parallel plot embedded in the local myths and legends. The gameplay also takes these supernatural conditions into account.

Under the Counter screenshot

Under the Counter will draw players who know other similar games, such as Papers, Please; Not Tonight; Night Call; or We. The Revolution. The common theme here is the simulation of a profession, and the action is usually set in one location, which is the center of focus for all events. The need to divide your attention will be put to the greatest test, but with proper training, having conversations while pouring subsequent shots should not be a problem.

“We admit that for some of us, working behind a bar in the past allowed for an accurate translation of these skills into the language of the game” smiles Michał Jakubowski, producer at Korba Games, referring to his own experience of pouring beers at a local pub in his youth.

What happens after the premiere of the trailer? The promotion of the game is gaining momentum. “We invite you to add our game to your Steam wishlist and join our newsletter at the studio website,” says Jakubowski. In the days to come, those who leave their details will receive access to the latest version of the build. The Korba Games team encourages you to check it out and leave feedback on your gaming experience.

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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