2D platformer Savior, “Cuba’s first indie game”, arrives on IndieGoGo

Savior, which developer Empty-Head Games claims to be the first indie game from Cuba, is about characters who learn that they’re in a video game.

Following the thaw in relations with the United States, the Caribbean nation of Cuba is undergoing some massive changes economically. The Internet is becoming widespread, and Cubans are connecting with the rest of the world at long last. Of course, what matters to us here is that there will now be indie games coming out of the island nation. Savior, currently getting crowdfunded on IndieGoGo claims to be the first indie game from Cuba, and no, it’s not a game about cigars.

Here’s how the developers describe Savior in their own words:

Savior is 2D platformer full of crumbling ruins and bloody battles, civilizations on the brink of extinction, broken creatures and flawed heroes. For eons, this universe was kept in order by the Great God, but he has suddenly gone silent.

In his absence, the world begins to collapse, and as reality pulls apart, his followers wonder if they’re living in nothing more than a failing video game. You play as Little God, one of the few “saviors” able to communicate with the Great God, who may be able to restore order to his world.

The game is developed by Empty Heads Games, which is composed of Josuhe Pagliery and Johann Armenteros, who will be working with collaborators. Developing in Cuba presents many challenges to the duo, with spotty Internet access, outdated hardware and a nascent developer community. Interestingly, the team is channelling their experience of Cuba into the game, which explains the game’s tone and its many decrepit and forlorn environments.

Savior is currently on IndieGoGo, and the campaign is specifically for the game’s demo, which the team expects to have ready by February 2017. The full game will take another year of development, putting it squarely in the first half of 2018. Savior is only planned for PC (Windows and Mac) right now, and its campaign is already 81% funded as of the time of this writing. You can help pitch in over at IndieGoGo.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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