Make cowboys fly in Sky Noon, a multiplayer FPS with no health system

In the Wild West of the clouds, the only way to eliminate your foe is to shoot them right off a floating island. This is Sky Noon, now out on Early Access.

We’re so used to health mechanics in games that it’s hard to imagine a shooter without one. The mad scientists at New Zealand-based studio Lunar Rooster, however, have not only imagined, but concocted such a game. It’s called Sky Noon, and it’s all about shooting players off of an island floating in the sky. It’s not out yet, but you can get your hands on it in Early Access form already.

Sky Noon substitutes bullets and blood for guns that shoot highly compressed air. This means that if you fire at someone, they won’t die… at least not right away. Instead, they’ll be sent flying. It’s not that simple, however, because players are armed with lassos and grappling hooks. This means that the actual gameplay ends up being a comical, yet intense game of pushing and pulling.

Apart from the main multiplayer focus of the game, there is also a singleplayer time trial mode, in which you grapple and jump your way through checkpoints to set record times.

Have a look at the new launch trailer for the game below:

Developer Lunar Rooster consists of four team members, and Sky Noon was originally their university project. As such, this is the team’s first game. Reverb Triple XP is publishing the game.

Sky Noon is available on PC in Early Access form, and you can get it on Steam here. No final release date has been announced yet, but Lunar Rooster expects to take 6-8 months to reach version 1.0 of the game. Check out the official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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