Sleep Tight is a twin-stick shooter about bedroom warfare; coming in July

Pick a kid, then build pillow forts and keep bedroom monsters at bay in this Sleep Tight. It’s releasing this July for PC and Switch.

Developer We Are Fuzzy has announced a release date for its upcoming game, Sleep Tight. The game is slated to release on 26th July, and will be available on PC and Switch. Check out the release date announcement trailer down below.

Sleep Tight is all about kids doing their best to keep bedtime monsters away, using whatever means necessary. Think of it like Monsters, Inc., but from a different perspective. The comparison to Monsters, Inc. is not skin-deep, however. Sleep Tight is being developed by a studio that includes of Hollywood veterans Maxx Burman (Iron Man 3, Game of Thrones), and Dylan Ekren (Wreck It Ralph, Zootopia).

Using what stuff you can find as a kid, you build up a pillow fort (your ‘base’) and then defend it from invading monsters. Automated turrets will aid you, but your primary weapons will have to be the likes of water balloons and dart guns. There’s a wide range of ‘hero’ kids to play as in the game, and each one comes with their own playstyle. Here’s how a few of them affect the gameplay:

The trigger-happy Tommy starts each match with 500 darts and gets discounts on Weapon Skills, while the comic book fan Dexter has superpowers that give him discounted power-ups, and Rosie uses her building skills to engineer turrets that deal more damage and extra strong pillow fort walls.

Check out the official website here. There’s also a Steam page up here, and you can pre-purchase the game on Switch here at Nintendo’s eShop.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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