Softie Pals – A new upcoming platform to help Indie Devs be found

My name’s Jay, and I’m an indie dev (through the alias ‘trollgen’), and having faced the prevalent problem of trying to be found in the sea of the internet as a hobbyist indie dev, I wanted created Softie Pals, a platform to solve this issue once and for all for all of the indie devs and the indie product lovers out there.

Softie Pals

In short, the platform would act as a dedicated indie directory, coupled with powerful ‘category’ based searching where users can search for the product based on what it does, rather than just its name. It would also feature objective reviews, dedicated question-answer pages for each product, and more to solidify the platform.
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Current progress

Currently, the project is in its funding stage with a launch date set in June. If you want to learn the whole story, you can check it out the Kickstarter here. Softie Pals’ Kickstarter

A consolidated indie directory

The problem of being an indie dev is that our resources are limited. We do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare on SEO and promotion to get our games to the top of Google search results.

Coupled with search engines’ weird ranking mechanism, it is also very hard for users to find the indie game they are looking for. If they have a specific game in mind that they would like to find, it is very hard for them to find them on search results.

Moreover, if they happen to find a game that matches what they want, it will be from a large company. If they do manage to find an indie made game, the problem is then the reliability of the game as the indie’s website does not contain any transparent review page.

Some features

The main feature will be the ‘category’ based searching in the indie directory. Users will be able to search by not only the product’s name, but also by the product’s category: what it is exactly about or what it aims to do (i.e., a ‘3d star-fox space shooter’ or ‘startup accounting software’).

On top of this, the following features will help solidify the directory into a tool everyone can rely on in the future to find the exact games and products they want:

  • Objective + subjective reviews: users will rate the product based on 5 categories and the review score will automatically be calculated. In addition, users can leave a subjective ‘overall feel’ section as well as feedback for the dev
  • Dedicated Question-Answer pages: worried about finding a bug or getting stumped with the product? Each page will feature a QA page where you can pose a question directly to the devs.


If you love playing indie games or are an indie dev yourself, I think this would be a great platform for you. We would really appreciate it if you would check out our kickstarter and pledge to the indie dev community that we are trying to build. Thank you very much for reading and see you very soon!

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This Article was written by: Trollgen

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