Sunless Skies gets January 2019 release date, free pen-and-paper RPG

After a year in Early Access, Sunless Skies finally has a release date set for 2019. You can also play a tabletop RPG set in the same universe until then.

Sunless Skies’ steam locomotive has already come a-chugging a long way in a relatively short time. After an initial announcement in September 2016, the game made it to Kickstarter in February 2017. After a successful round of funding, the game was released to Early Access in August that year. While a release was expected this very year, we learnt back in July that the game has been pushed to 2019 so as to note compete with bigger titles.

Whew. Now the game finally has a release date set in stone, and it’s 31st January, 2019.

The Early Access form is not rolled up and put away, though. It will continue to be updated on the path to release, including an upcoming update on 10th October. This update will overhaul the Reach region and further develop the mechanics of Terror, fuel, hunger, and crew. You can check out a dev presentation of the new Reach over here.

In addition, developer Failbetter Games has collaborated with tabletop RPG designers Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor to create Skyfarer: A Sunless Skies RPG. More information on that can be found at Tabletop Gaming here. The RPG book is entirely free to download, so gather around some friends and have top hats at the ready.

Sunless Skies is presently available in Early Access on Steam and for PC, Mac, and Linux. Check out the official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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