Ultimate Reality – A Dimensional Pixelated Adventure

Ultimate Reality, a new Fighter Platformer is making its way to Indiegogo! After months of hard work, the indie gaming studio LinkUp Games has released an Indiegogo campaign that will help the studio fund and finish their latest pixel art project! 

LinkUp Games

LinkUp Games, an indie gaming studio that was founded in 2016 by Marcos Cevallos, is ready to release their crowdfunding campaign. Marcos Cevallos is the only person that is currently working on Ultimate Reality under the the gaming studio of LinkUp Games. After working since March of this year, LinkUp Games has poured a lot of effort into making this game a reality.

 Ultimate Reality - Character

Why Ultimate Reality?

Ultimate Reality has been in development since March of this year, but the idea of the game started when Marcos was the age of twelve. Ultimate Reality started as a comic book that Marcos would sell around his school. The idea of making it a comic book was inspired by other famous superheroes and having a hero that could travel the multiverse. Marcos says the following, “making a comic without having a really big artistic background is hard. So of course this comic died off”. However, after releasing various games, Marcos decided to make his childhood creation a reality. “A videogame of a superhero that can travel dimensions? I think that’s pretty awesome!”, Marcos says about his game. With such a passion project in his hands, Marcos Cevallos is ready to make his game a reality.

What is the game about?

Ultimate Reality is a 2D platformer indie game that combines the elements of classic platformers with modern game mechanics like finishers and a heavy influenced combat system. You play as Drake Smith, a man who can travel to alternate realities and acquire the attributes of those realities. Play as Drake Smith, a young adult inspired by the multiverse theory to create a device that allows dimensional travel possible. Drake Smith has been a vigilante for over a year, fighting crime under an unknown hero alias.

After discovering a mystical artifact, Drake Smith has an epiphany that someone is trying to destroy every known dimension that has ever existed. Suit on as Drake Smith goes around the Multiverse in search for this mysterious figure and stopping him from destroying every reality. You have to fight against time, even though time is relative. Your actions can have consequences in other realities. You are the only one that can stop him.

The Campaign

Ultimate Reality has a goal of 10,000 USD in order to be successful in this first crowdfunding campaign. For all of our readers their is a special perk that LinkUp Games has given us for anyone who wishes to contribute to the success of Ultimate Reality! You can contribute to the campaign today!

For more information on Ultimate Reality, check out the official website here.

For more indie games visit www.intoindiegames.com.


This Article was written by: Marcos Cevallos

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