Last Year’s Sensational RPG Undertale is Now Available on Linux

Undertale, the RPG/Bullet Hell hybrid that proved to be a surprise hit in 2015 is now available on Linux. It’s also 30 percent off on Steam for 24 hours.

You don’t always see indie game become breakout successes the way Undertale did last year. A relative unassuming role-playing game about befriending your enemies (or, well, not), it received perfect scores from several publications and presently maintains a 97 percent positive rating on Steam. Oh, and it has a 92 score on Metacritic. Even the infamous user reviews on Metacritic give it a surprisingly forgiving score of 8.2.

If you’re late to the parade, here’s how it goes: a long time ago, humans and monsters fought a brutal war. It ended with the monsters being banished into the Underground. You play as a human child of ambiguous gender who ends up in the Underground.

Like classic JRPGs, you achieve the magic ability to enter random encounters and fight the monsters – but there’s a twist. Instead of taking the violent approach, you can also choose to befriend your foes. This is done by performing a variety of actions with your enemies, such as dancing with slimes, or petting dogs. Things aren’t exactly cut out for you though, as you’ll also have to deal with bullet hell segments whenever the enemy attacks. Bullet hell, by the way, is the bane of my existence. Along the way, you meet interesting characters โ€” both friend and foe. There’s even a skeleton named Papyrus who constantly speaks in Papyrus font.


Undertale is currently available on sale over at Steam, which puts it at a 30 percent discount. It’s available for Windows and Mac, apart from today’s Linux release. Although the game is also available on Humble Store and, it is not on sale there. Furthermore, the Linux build of Undertale only appears to be live on Steam at present.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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