A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Part 10 (Trophies, Coral Reef, Carnival)

Stuck in A Memoir Blue? Check out this walkthrough to find out how to restore the coral and the mirror.

A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Hello and welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for A Memoir Blue! This is a story-focused guide and does not cover achievement hunting. For more information on A Memoir Blue, check out its official website here.

Part 10 (Trophies, Coral Reef, Carnival)

We then get to a screen with three speakers and lots of trophies. Click on the three speakers repeatedly to continue the assault of trophies on the screen, until the game proceeds.

We then reach a coral reef. Here, your goal is to light everything up by clicking on it. The screen won’t proceed until you’ve lit everything up, so keep going until your screen resembles the one below.

Next, we approach a merry-go-round. Light up all of the lamps to the left and right of the screen – six in all – to proceed to the merry-go-round mirrors. Here, you need to put the mirror pieces in place. First, keep an eye on the smooth edges of the pieces to get an idea of where you need to place them, and then place the top-left-most piece in the gap left in the middle of the mirror. This will complete your mirror.

Now tap on the mirror to go through some of the motifs of the game and watch the final cutscene to complete the game!

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