A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Part 3 (Newspaper, Train, Pier)

Stuck in A Memoir Blue? Check out this walkthrough to find out how to complete the train section of the game and restore the pier.

A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Hello and welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for A Memoir Blue! This is a story-focused guide and does not cover achievement hunting. For more information on A Memoir Blue, check out its official website here.

Part 3 (Newspaper, Train, Pier)

On the newspaper screen, tap on the obscured images to reveal them. Keep doing this until the images are completely revealed and the screen proceeds. Do this a few times, and then when you see the train wheels, grab the wheels and drag them right to get the train going and going onward.

Eventually, you’ll find Miriam sitting in the train. When the footprints and the fish appear, drag the footprints towards the door to lead the fish on. Once the ‘fish’ reach the door, the screen and the chapter will end.

In the first interactive screen here, wait for the jellyfish to appear and interact with the jellyfish to make music. After you’ve interacted with enough jellyfish, the game will continue.

A Memoir Blue

On the pier screen, your goal is to grab the wooden planks floating above and bring them down to the pier to attach them to the pier and create a path for Miriam to walk on. After attaching all wooden planks to the pier, grab the blue ticket booth and bring it down to the pier to attach it there. Once it’s in place, the game continues.

When Miriam’s looking into the ticket booth, simply move her hand with the money towards the black hand that’s waiting. You’ll get some boat tickets, which will take you into the boat.

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