A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Part 4 (Boat, Photographs)

Stuck in A Memoir Blue? Check out this walkthrough to find out how to complete the boat and pond sections of the game.

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Hello and welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for A Memoir Blue! This is a story-focused guide and does not cover achievement hunting. For more information on A Memoir Blue, check out its official website here.

Part 4 (Boat, Photographs)

In the boat screen, first grab the key on the left side of the console and insert it into the keyhole in the upper-left. Then, twist the key clockwise to get the engine started. Now press the big chunky buttons in the top-right, two yellow and one green, and then move the throttle in the lower-right upwards. This will get you moving from this screen, and get the boat moving as well.

A Memoir Blue

On the map screen, you’ll start at the far right pier and you have to move to the far left pier. Just click on the far left pier to head on there – you will stop in the middle to look at some fish, so then click on the left pier again to get there.

In the screen with the pool of water and the leaves, your goal is first to clear the place. Move the leaves and ferns out of the screen so that there’s none left in view. This will take you to the next section, where you must reveal more pictures. For these, first grab a picture and then shake it by moving it around the screen. When the picture is revealed, let go of it to have it taken out of the water. Repeat this for the second picture as well.

Next up, Miriam will be in the water, but you’ll actually be controlling the red fish. Move the fish to the glowing yellow picture to grab it and proceed with the game.

A Memoir Blue

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