A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Part 6 (Boxes, Office, TV Store)

Stuck in A Memoir Blue? Check out this walkthrough to find out how to complete the unpacking and TV store sections.

A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Hello and welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for A Memoir Blue! This is a story-focused guide and does not cover achievement hunting. For more information on A Memoir Blue, check out its official website here.

Part 6 (Boxes, Office, TV Store)

In the apartment, interact with the boxes to unpack them and place the items inside. Continue doing this until you find a box that stays in place as you unpack it. Just keep interacting with it several times until you’ve taken everything out and put it in place.

Your next screen is an office. Your goal here is to take out all of the files from the cabinets out onto the desk. Just drag them out. Some of the files are behind glass doors, so you’ll need to slide the cabinet doors to the left or right to make an opening. Simple enough. Once all eight stacks of files are out on the desk, the game will continue.

A Memoir Blue

We then go to Miriam standing in front of the TV store. Here, interact with the TVs and bring them all on the same view of the building against a tan background. There are six TVs in all, two of them stacked to the left and the rest in a row. After you sync all the screens, they will reset and you will get to ‘tune’ them to a new image. All in all, you have to do this process three times to proceed.

A Memoir Blue

Next, we enter the building itself. Move Miriam towards the escalator located at the bottom-left side of the screen and interact with it to proceed.

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