Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough – Troll Forest, Part 4

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough

Check out our Bramble: The Mountain King walkthrough to find out how to finish the Troll Forest level and escape the butcher’s clutches.

Welcome to Into Indie Games’ Bramble: The Mountain King walkthrough, where you’ll learn how to clear the game’s puzzles and make progress throughout the game.

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Troll Forest, Part 4 (Butcher Pt. 2)

Run for the outstretched hand and hide behind it to avoid the troll’s light. Then, sneak to the left and make for the vines that go up the wall. Climb up and then right and then back up into the opening. Head on left over the plank and the vine-covered tree, Climb up the vines and then jump onto the next tree when you can.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Troll Forest, Part 4

Climb down the second tree’s vines until you reach the platform below. Head left over the branch to trigger a cutscene.

Head rightwards, through the opening. After sliding down to the red stuff, quickly run towards the stone platform and climb up onto it. You’ll be able to monster below by jumping up on these platforms. The next platform is to the north and it’s covered with maggots (they don’t do anything to you).

Note that here you can push the cage ahead to bait the monster, but it will kill the gnome, and that’s on your conscience. (It nets you an achievement though).

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Troll Forest, Part 4

Head on through the exit to the north-west to proceed to the next area.

Here, climb the age to the left and jump onto the shelf to the right. Now climb the vine and go up to find a new path with quite the view. Follow it to the wooden plank and then jump off onto the next vine-covered area (which is actually mold). Shimmy along the mold and then go down the leg to eventually end up on top of a wooden cage.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Troll Forest, Part 4

Drop down and make for the ladle that serves as a bridge between the table and the pot. Now proceed along the rim of the pot until you encounter a cutscene.

After the cutscene, Olle is inside a cage. Keep moving left to right, so that when you reach the right edge of the cage, you cause it to move a little to the right. Do this repeatedly until the cage topples from the shelf it’s on. Run to the very end of the path that you end up in.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Troll Forest, Part 4

Here, we find a stone creature that’s being tormented by a bunch of smaller fellas. Approach the stones that are lying in piles on the left and right side of the path and use your aim button to aim the stones.

You should keep moving to avoid being hit, although being hit does not seem to cause any penalty or kill you, it just interrupts your aiming. Throw the stone in your hand when you target one of the little creatures. Keep doing this until you’ve cleared out all of the nasty little critters.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Troll Forest, Part 4

Let Lemus the Giant take you up to the higher ledge and then proceed down the path, approaching the mushroom with the weird light. Once you’re close enough, a cutscene will be triggered, marking the end of the chapter.

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