Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough – Tuva, Part 1

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough

Check out our Bramble: The Mountain King walkthrough to find out how to complete The Summit Pt. 2 and Tuva’s chapter up to the village.

Welcome to Into Indie Games’ Bramble: The Mountain King walkthrough, where you’ll learn how to clear the game’s puzzles and make progress throughout the game.

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Tuva, Part 1 (Tuva & Brambles)

Follow the on-screen button prompts to get up and get going. 

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Tuva, Part 1

Then at the summit, go towards the twig, use it to cross the bridge, and follow the path up to the vines along the cliff.

Climb the vines, then climb the ladder, and then finally, climb the ledge by jumping at it. Once you’re on the top, run to the opposite end of the area. Stand in the middle here, holding your light until the chapter advances.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Tuva, Part 1

After the cutscene with Tuva, follow the path through the forest until you reach a bunch of blue bramble. Follow the on-screen instructions to attack the bramble and drive it back. This will allow you to proceed through the area that was covered by the bramble.

Note that you can attack the bramble only when you see an open flower on the bramble. Sometimes, the game seems to let you attack the bramble even before the flower blooms, but this is something you need to remember for later attacking.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Tuva, Part 1

Continue this way through another wall of bramble, until you reach a cliff with bramble above it. You can’t attach the bramble from below the ledge, so instead, run to the right of the area to find another cliff with vines on it.

Climb the vines on the cliff to the right and go a little forwards to find the thick section of the bramble that you can attack. Attack it to drive it away, clearing your path from the original cliff that you couldn’t pass through.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Tuva, Part 1

Continue through the thick bramble forest, attacking the bramble as you go and driving it further and further back. Climb up the ledge at the end of this path and make your way forwards until you see a cutscene with a friend appearing.

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