Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough – Tuva, Part 2

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough

Check out our Bramble: The Mountain King walkthrough to find out how to complete the village rooftops section in the Tuva chapter.

Welcome to Into Indie Games’ Bramble: The Mountain King walkthrough, where you’ll learn how to clear the game’s puzzles and make progress throughout the game.

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Tuva, Part 2 (Village Rooftops)

Following the cutscene, slide down to the next ledge and then jump onto the roof in front of you. Here, quickly hide behind the chimney. You have to stay hidden from the bramble flower’s light here, otherwise, you’ll be killed by the bramble. You can hide in either the grass or behind the chimneys.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Tuva, Part 2

Head on to the left onto the next roof and hide behind the chimney there as well. There’s a pillar of bramble up ahead – head for it with your light stone raised and attack it when you’re close. This will transform the pillar into a chimney, which you should immediately hide behind. Note that the ‘flower’ of the bramble pillar must be open for you to attack it successfully (not the central flower).

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Tuva, Part 2

Continue left across two roofs and take cover behind the next chimney you see. Hide in the grass further to the left, jump across the roof when it’s safe, and hide in the next patch of grass until it’s safe again. Now head on to the pillar of bramble and attack it to get a chimney to hide behind.

Head on to the next patch of grass, then the next chimney, then onto the cliff when it’s safe and then you’ll finally be clear of the cursed bramble village.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Tuva, Part 2

In the new, safe, natural area, run for the log of tree and walk over it to get to the other side, then cross the chasm up ahead by using the wooden beam bridging it.

Proceed to the giant stone statue and start climbing the vines that have reached the bottom of the statue. Climb them all the way up, shimmy to the right, and climb all the way down again. At the bottom, jump off onto the roof.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Tuva, Part 2

Here, quickly start running forwards while avoiding the bramble as it takes over the houses. Jump from roof too roof as you go, taking a right, then forwards again, and jump into the giant Lemus’ outstretched hand.

This concludes the chapter and takes you to the next one.

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