Carto Walkthrough – Chapter 2

Stuck in Carto? This walkthrough will guide you through the second chapter of the game, including finding the sheep and the Ghost Lily.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for Carto. This is a puzzle-focused guide to complete the story and it does not cover extras or hidden collectibles.

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Chapter 2

After talking to Shianan, head to the East and the West to find one new map piece each.

Connect the pieces so that you can walk over the piece with a road on it. At the start of the road, you’ll find a boy dozing off. Talk to him and then head over to one of the sheep (they can be found around the bushes with the white flowers).

Carto screenshot

Return to the boy after talking to the sheep and you will be directed to Auntie Tuyaa.

To find her, look on your map for a field of yellow plants. Head over there and you’ll find Auntie Tuyaa playing a rhythm. Talk to her.

As she instructs, look for a plant with a bulbous red fruit, but which has only one stem. It should be on the same map piece as Auntie Tuyaa, so you won’t have to go far.

Grab it and now approach the sheep one by one. They will start to follow you around. Gather the three sheep (one on each map piece with the snowy flowers), and bring them to the boy. After you’ve gathered up all three, he will mention a fourth sheep, who is in her secret spot.

To find this secret spot, arrange the ‘snowy flower’ pieces so that they are each facing an empty spot in the middle. Make sure the ‘snowy flower’ area is on the empty spot’s edge!

Carto screenshot

If you do it right, a new piece will appear in the middle. Go there, into the centre of the piece, and talk to the sheep.

As before, bring this sheep to the boy. He will advise you to meet his dad, and to follow the road. Interact with the jumping sheep near the boy to get a piece of the map.

Connect the road piece to the existing piece with a road, and proceed down this path to get another piece of the map, as well as a letter from Granny.

Connect the next piece of the road, and another piece will appear on its own.

Carto screenshot

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Keep going down the road until you hit the fork. Grab the piece here and then talk to the teacher and her students.

To head to the bridge, we need to ‘follow the straight roads’. Bring up the map and place two straight roads along the sign on the forked road.

Carto screenshot

This will cause a river bridge piece to appear, so head there. Grab the piece on the bridge and return to the fork.

Now we need to take curved roads to the tent. To do this, connect two curved road pieces one after the other, beyond the fork in the road.

Head to the tent and go inside. After talking to the boy, bring up the map and connect the piece to the West so that it is to the North of your current piece. This way, you’ll be able to pass through the curtain.

Talk to the man (Monkar) and then return to the room with the boy (Mo). Inspect the fat brown book with the plant icon on it. After reading it, return to Monkar and talk to him. After the conversation, exit from the door that Monkar leaves through.

Carto screenshot

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Monkar’s hint for finding Ganga is that he should be in the forest. We’ll have to build this forest ourselves, so enter the map and connect your current piece to a tile with a forest edge.

Head towards the forest and you’ll find a boy tell you that he can hear Uncle Ganga’s voice in the forest. Bring up your map and connect the forest pieces so that the three pieces surround an empty spot (with the forest edge facing the empty spot).

This will cause a new forest tile to appear. Head in there.

Talk to Ganga and then return to Monkar. After the sequence that follows, head outside and over to the source of the river (where you just met Ganga).

Talk to Ganga at the source of the river and he’ll suggest you need to change the flow of the river. To do this, pay attention to the water of the river. The arrows on the water will tell you which way the water is going. Orient the piece so that the river’s long straight bit is facing the same direction as the arrows (it should be towards the East).

If you get it right, several characters will appear on this piece. Talk to each of them to get them to hide.

Carto screenshot

After everyone is hidden, approach Mo (the boy) and Carto will hide.

Once the Ghost Lily is gone from the piece, connect the river tile to the current piece and the Ghost Lily will appear there.

Carto screenshot

Head onto the bridge and interact with the Ghost Lily. Try to untangle it and you’ll be taken to the next chapter of the game.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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