Carto Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Stuck in Carto? This walkthrough will guide you through the third chapter of the game, including navigating the forest and the underground.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for Carto. This is a puzzle-focused guide to complete the story and it does not cover extras or hidden collectibles.

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Chapter 3

After Carto wakes up, pick up the remains of the Ghost Lily to her East. Follow the sounds coming from the East and talk to the owl on the eastern piece.

The owl’s hint is to make a circular river and stand inside the circle. Arranging the pieces to form a circle is easy, but first, make sure you stand ‘inside’ the curve of the river.

Once you form the circle river, a man will appear in the middle of the river. Talk to him.

After the conversation, bring up your map and rearrange the pieces and connect your new piece to head to the campfire.

Carto screenshot

Pick up the two pieces here and talk to the men if you wish. To proceed, place one of the Foggy Forest pieces on the map and go there.

Look for a ribbon tied around a tree: this is your exit. Connect the next foggy forest piece in whichever direction of the crossroads the tree is at. If the tree is found to the south of the crossroads, for example, connect the piece to the south.

If you get it right, you will hear an optimistic jingle. If not, try again!

Carto screenshot

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On the new piece, once again look for a ribbon tied around a tree, and place your previous piece next to the tree.

At this point you’ll meet Chirb again, but ignore which direction he goes in and continue following the ribbons. Eventually you’ll hit a crossroads with two new pieces, so pick them up.

Connect the piece with the T-fork of the road and the pool to an existing piece (ignore the dark green forest piece for now).

Pick up the new pieces here and connect one of them to the piece you’re on. Head onto that piece.

Now you have to do as you did before, except your clue will be a dead tree instead of a ribbon. Follow the direction the dead tree is ‘pointing’ towards, i.e. which direction its long part is aligned towards.

Carto screenshot

Place your second right-angle-road piece in the direction of the fallen tree and proceed there. Continue using the two pieces to follow the path laid out by the dead trees until you find two new pieces.

Place the piece with the stone obelisk on the map and head there to find everyone meeting. Grab the new pieces here.

Place one of the new pieces on the map and head into the foggy forest. Here, your clue will be which direction the trees are swaying in. If they’re swaying towards the East, for example, you have to go East.

Carto screenshot

Place your other new foggy forest piece on the map and head in the direction the trees are swaying. After doing this a few times, you’ll find a new piece.

Place the new piece with the road onto the map and head there to find another letter from Grandma, and a new piece.

Carto screenshot

Connect the new piece to your current piece and you’ll find that you can finally add the dark forest pieces to your map. Connect these two pieces so that you go from your current piece into the right-angle path, and then the dead end.

When you place them so, you will unlock a a big tree at the end of the path. Enter the tree.

Inside the tree, arrange the pieces as shown below and proceed down the path to find a worm. Pick up the worm.

Carto screenshot

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Rearrange the pieces so that you can go to the entrance of a worm’s tunnel. Put the worm in the hole. Rotate the piece you just came from so that you can now access the green circle at the end of the path.

Use the tree to get back outside. Here, talk to the owl and then to Chirb. Carto will give him the Lily that you picked up earlier.

Once the hole is opened up, head into the right tree to go back underground.

Your first goal here is to connect the earthworm tunnel pieces together so that the earthworm can emerge from another hole. Place them as shown below:

The earthworm will appear out of the new hole. Once that is done, you need to meet the earthworm. Rearrange the pieces so that Carto can get to the piece with the earthworm on it.

Interact with the mound of dirt to pick up the earthworm, which will also reveal the way out in the form of an arrow on the ground.

Connect the piece with the brown signboard onto the current piece you’re on, so that you can follow the arrow and step onto the brown signboard piece.

When you reach the signboard, you can connect the new green circle piece with to the brown signboard piece, and step on towards the exit.

Upon exiting from the tree, you’ll encounter a new puzzle. Here, you need to first create a stone pedestal by arranging the pieces with the quarter-circle along the edge. Have a look below:

Carto screenshot

Head over to the stone in the middle. You need to use the pattern on the stone as guidance for how to arrange the map pieces.

Here’s how they should look:

Carto screenshot

Once you get it right, a man will appear in the central piece. Talk to him.

After the cutscenes that follow, talk to all four of the Messengers, then talk to the former Watcher. When he asks if you’re ready to leave, answer with a nod.

After the next conversation, head South and into the hole in the mound.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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