Carto Walkthrough – Chapter 5

Stuck in Carto? This walkthrough will guide you through the fifth chapter of the game, including the desert and the oasis.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for Carto. This is a puzzle-focused guide to complete the story and it does not cover extras or hidden collectibles.

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Chapter 5

In the desert, start by heading to the map piece with the tent on it. Grab the two map pieces here and talk to the characters here.

Carto screenshot

When you’re ready to head out, place the two yellow-sand pieces to the West of the nomads, in a straight line. When you’re on the Westernmost piece, a chime will sound. Now pick up the previous yellow-sand piece and place it to the West of the current piece.

Repeat this procedure, putting one yellow-sand piece after another and going West.

Carto screenshot

Finally, you will find two map pieces in the desert. Grab em.

Place the new pieces on the map and head onto the new tent piece.

Near the tent is a safe with a combination. The combination actually tells you how to rotate the piece in degrees so as to unlock it.

Carto screenshot

To solve this, open the map and rotate it like this: Right, Left x2, Right x3, Left x3, Right. If you get it right, you’ll hear a progress chime. Grab the coin from the treasure.

Near the tent and treasure, you’ll find a half-buried signboard. Examine it.

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Your new instructions are to follow the footprints in the yellow sand, and to make sure that they connect. Go back to the nearest yellow-sand piece now.

Here you’ll find animal footprints going towards one of the edges of the piece. Place the next yellow-sands piece on the edge the footprints are going to. Make sure to rotate the pieces so that the footprints form a coherent path. Continue following the footprints, putting one yellow-sand tile after another.

Carto screenshot

Ultimately, you’ll find a new map piece to pick up.

Put this piece on the map and go there. Pick up the new map piece here and talk to the Seekers here to get your next clue: cacti. While you’re here, keep interacting with the tree until you get a coconut. This will come in handy soon.

Go back to the yellow-sand pieces, and inspect each one for where the cacti are. The cacti clusters won’t show up on the map, so you’ll have to make a note of where they are.

Place the three pieces in an L-shape (so that one of the pieces of the ‘square’ is empty). Keep rotating the pieces until all their cacti clusters are facing the centre. A new piece should pop up if you get it right.

Carto screenshot

On the new piece, check out the camel and the stone carving. After reading the carving, head back into the yellow sands.

Once more, you have to align the yellow sand pieces, but this time, you have to align the ruins so that there is a piece in the ‘centre’.  Place the three ‘ruins’ edges so that they face an empty space, and a new piece should appear here.

Meet the Seeker in the shade here and pick up the piece she has to offer. Now go to this new piece she has offered, and examine the well. Note that you will need to put a diagonal sand piece between the yellow and white sand pieces!

After examining the well, go to the camel near the rock carving. Take the scarf from his mouth and go to the well again. Carto will use the scarf. Interact once more and she’ll use the coconut you found earlier by the Seekers’ tent.

Carto screenshot

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Return to the thirsty seeker and interact with her.

As per her instructions, you need to find the sand rogues and retrieve an artifact from them. Go back to the desert now (provided you have the Gold Coin. If not, go back to the safe to get the Gold Coin, as per the instructions above).

Walk around in the yellow sands until you encounter a burrowing rogue. Pull up your map and go to the yellow sand piece with the pedestal on it. Examine the pedestal to have Carto put the Gold Coin on it.

When the rogue is knocked out, grab the artifact and interact with the rogue to find a new map piece. Return to the formerly-thirsty Seeker and give her the artifact.

Carto screenshot

After the artifact is set, pull up your map to find a shining white image. You have to arrange your map pieces to fit that image, like below:

Note that the final image should be overlaid over yellow sand pieces, while the ’empty’ space is white sand pieces.

If you get it right, a water piece will appear to the North. Place all of the dry oasis pieces around this water piece to fill up the oasis (and make a path to it). Make sure the oasis edge is facing the water!

When you get it right, a cutscene will follow. You may now talk to the Seekers once more. To proceed, talk to the grandmother and go down the stairs that are revealed.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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