Carto Walkthrough – Chapter 7 (Part 1)

Stuck in Carto? This walkthrough will guide you through the seventh chapter of the game, including taking the tour and cooking the bird.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for Carto. This is a puzzle-focused guide to complete the story and it does not cover extras or hidden collectibles.

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Chapter 7

After landing in the stone room, follow the girl up the stairs. Head northwards to be greeted at the Lodge, and then pick up the map piece floating near the reception desk.

Place this piece of map and go to it, where you’ll meet the girl from before. After talking to her, go down the ladder near her.

Carto screenshot

Here, you’ll notice that there is a strong electromagnetic field underground. You cannot switch up your map pieces here, but you can do so above ground.

Go back up the ladder and rotate the middle piece of the map 180-degrees, so that it is upside-down. When you go underground, the map should look like this:

Carto screenshot

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Proceed underground to the Lava Fountain to continue with your tour. Go back to the ladder after you’re done and talk to Pinko near the ‘elevator’.

Carto screenshot

Use the elevator after Pinko to be taken to a map piece with two bird statues. Grab the map piece floating around there. Place this map piece next to your current piece and go there.

Go down the ladder on this piece and talk to Pinko again. Then, head west and talk to Middo. As you learn from her, she’s waiting for a bird to arrive before she can get a-cookin’.

Head back to the kitchen and then up the ladder, over to the volcano mouth. Here, you’ll now find a bird flying over the piece. When the bird flies over the volcano, it will be burnt and change direction by 90 degrees. Your goal is to have the bird repeatedly fly over the volcano.

Carto screenshot

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To accomplish this, enter the map screen when you see the bird get burnt, and rotate the volcano piece so that the bird is flying back to the Bird Canyon.

Once the bird flies to the Bird Canyon, once again enter the map and rotate the Bird Canyon piece by 180 degrees, so that the bird is flying back to the volcano.

Once the bird changes direction again, repeat the procedure above: rotate the piece to have the bird fly to the Bird Canyon, and then rotate the Bird Canyon piece to have the bird fly to the volcano.

When the bird is burnt three times, it’ll fall into the vent. Head down the ladder now.

Pick up the dead bird here and the map piece as well. Go back to Middo to the west and after the conversation, approach the seats to begin a little dining scene.

After this is done, head back to the ladder and go upstairs. Here, place the new map piece on the map to the north of Bird Canyon and rotate it so that it looks like this:

Carto screenshot

If you go downstairs, you’ll find that you can now access this new piece’s (underground) area. If not, go back upstairs and rotate it as appropriate.

Go upstairs on the new map piece and you’ll find some goats and an ‘elevator’. Take the elevator.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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